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This is our Sorgae Lunar cycle:

            The general symbolism of the Lunar Cycle is that of the sacrifice necessary for the renewal of the Wasteland.  In that sense, it is a microcosm of the annual cycle.

The symbolism of the New Moon is the pouring out of that which is needed, from all five senses and all five essences (earth, air, fire, water, spirit).  The Sun and the Moon are together, conjoined at this time, and it is Their union which provides for the renewal of the Wasteland.

The symbolism of the Waxing Moon is that of the eternal bonds, the silver chain of love and desire between all the worlds.  That which was given at the New moon reaches its fulfillment for though the Sun and the Moon are parted, They are still bound together by that chain.

The symbolism of the Full Moon is of loss and separation, the time of breaking and changing.  The Moon shines because She is reflecting the light of the Sun – the Moon is full because They are separated, opposite, as far apart from each other as They ever get.  The chain breaks, as it must.

The symbolism of the Waning Moon is the first step on the ‘new’ quest, the opening of the path which will lead the Moon back to union with the Sun.

Comparing the Lunar Cycle to the yearly Solar cycle, we see that the Lunar cycle enables the Wasteland to be renewed in the Solar cycle; the Lunar cycle provides the means by which the Solar cycle can be fulfilled.  In working through the Lunar Cycle, we give energy for the achievement of the quest in the Solar Cycle, just as the Solar Cycle gives energy for the Achievement of the Great Work of turning the Age.

Due to this cycle, we have decided that Sorgae Moons will be celebrated at the New Moon, the time of pouring out.

The Meaning of each Astrological Moon (i.e. when the New Moon is in that Sign):

Aries = preparation for the journey  As the Solar Cycle begins when the Sun is in Taurus, beginning preparation just before makes sense.  This is Swan Moon. We chose Leda’s totem for this Moon because of three images: one, that of a swan’s stillness on a lake at dawn, two Galadriel’s swan-boats as the Fellowship prepares to leave Lothlorien in The Fellowship of the Ring, and three, because of the fairy tail of the 12 brothers who were turned into swans until their sister could knit them sweaters of nettle, which she did while on a long oversea journey, being carried in a net held by the swans in flight.

Taurus = forging the tools necessary for the yearly cycle.  This is the actual time of beginnings in the Solar Cycle.  This is the Forge Moon.

Gemini = the challenge, the testing.  This is the time of the first trials along the way to renewal of the Wasteland. We named this Pierced Moon, representing Wyldr’s heart-and-arrow, symbolizing the sharp testing of the heart indicated for this Moon.

Cancer = letting go of what needs to be let go of.  This is the time to keep only the essentials, and to cast away that which we no longer need for our task.  This is the Snake Moon, Eran’s totem, named for the snake’s shedding of its skin.

Leo = the time of inspiration, omens and portents.  We consult with Other Realms to ensure that we are taking the correct path.  We chose Raven Moon for Satya’s connection to ravens, and  because ravens are otherwordly messengers.

Virgo = the time of allowing the inspiration to wreak its changes, the dormant time, the chrysalis.  The half-way point, when we rest and regain strength, assimilating what we have learned so far.  This seems directly related to the butterfly or moth, Loki’s totem, and so this is the Moth Moon.

Libra = victory.  This is when we see the fruits of our labor coming to pass.  In the Solar Cycle, this is the time just prior to our coming to the physical world.  We named this Phoenix Moon due to Akasha’s connection to the phoenix, the fact that the phoenix is the symbol of the Priestess for the Age of Aquarius, and because the phoenix represents renewal and victory

Scorpio = cosmic law, karmic law, the cycle laid out, stable and eternal from the view of the Gods.  We begin to enact what we have gained, bringing it to the world of men.  Since the tarot card we got for this Moon was the Round Table, which is all worlds seen through a hawk’s eye, and since Kenesh, whose totem is the Lightning Hawk, is so closely associated with destiny and karma, we named this Hawk Moon.

Sagittarius =  the time for practical use of the view of the Gods.  We establish our strength in the world and solidify our connection to the Other Realms.  Strength and Otherworld connection is what Akasha’s totem, is all about, and so this is Bear Moon.

Capricorn = this is the time of choice.  We must use the information we have been given throughout the year to decide on our course for the next cycle.  The barn owl, Satya’s totem, is the representation of wisdom, and since we will to make our choices with wisdom, we name this the Owl Moon.

Aquarius = this is the time for the delineation and enforcing of our choice, the time of weeding and pruning in the physical world, as Luna Cancer was for the same task in the spiritual realm. As the snake sheds its unnecessary skin to symbolize spiritual renewal, we chose Apuat’s totem, the wolf, to represent the ferocity needed to enforce the change in the physical realm.  Hence, this is Wolf Moon.

Pisces =  this is the time of upholding the arch, the need for more strength to maintain and move forward, heralding a return to journeying and the next Lunar cycle.  The dual ideas of maintenance and careful forward movement brought to mind images of a dragon in its lair, holding up the mountain, emerging only when required.  Since the Cave Snake, or dragon, is Dis’ totem, this is the Dragon Moon.

Note on “Blue” Moons – If there are two New Moons in the same sign, the Blue Moon will be the first Moon, that is, the Lunar Cycle which is completely contained in one Sign will be designated the Blue Moon.


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