Master List

  • Questions And Our Answers So Far


      • What Is Our Theology?

        • We Are Divine
        • The Gods Are Real, and have limitations and personalities and agendas
        • Familiar Spirits inhabit their own multiverses as well as ours
        • Elemental Beings are constants between ALL multiverses
        • Incarnations We and Familiars can incarnate in all places and at all times simultaneously, but choose to perceive ourselves in a specific time and place
        • It is our task, among others, to turn the Age and create/decide on the path for each new Age
        • It is our task, among others to find and bring back what was lost regarding the Old Religion, in new forms
        • It is our task, among others to restore balance (taking a burden)
        • It is our task, among others  to seperate the chaff from the wheat (winnowing)
      • What Is Our Mythology?

        • The Wasteland (Arthurian, Fallout’s DC/Mojave)
        • The Phoenix (Transformation of South Goddess)
        • Transformation Of The Muse
        • The Inmost Divine Self
        • Origin Of Our Symbols/Totems
        • The Seeders/Intelligent Design
        • The Multiverse
        • The Web/Conduit
        • Witches, Werewolves & Vampires, Oh My! (Vampiric Myths/Benendante)
        • “Done Deals” (Oathes mean something)
        • The Importance of Oracles
        • The Starchild
      • What Is The Nature Of Our ‘Sacred Space/World’?

        • How Do We Create It In Physicality (I.E. Ritual Space)?
          • A Journey To Create/Discover And Open The Doors
          • Building A Foundation
      • Who Inhabits Our Sacred World?

        • The Mighty Dead
        • Totems
      • What Are Our Ritual Practices?

    • Contact With The Gods?

      • Invocations
      • Dreams/Visions
      • “Mastering” The Gods
    • Contact With Other Beings?

      • Invocations
      • Dreams/Visions
      • Opening Ourselves To Their Messages
      • Opening Doors In the Multiverse
    • We Are Divine

    • Gobah


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