The Gods As We Know Them

Starting in the mid 1990’s, we have been privileged to have contact with an increasing pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. Our sojourn began quite unexpectedly with the channeling in ritual of a Goddess who spoke an unknown language. Eventually She connected Herself with the Altar and the North, and gave the name of Arduina. Since that time, a number of other Deities have manifested during ritual channelings. The second was a Goddess of the East, who agreed to be called Erian.

[Add in a paragraph of high gods and lesser gods, reference Julian and Sallust.]

Below is a short overview of our developing pantheon, in the order of Their appearance. We will present Their names (or the names/titles They have agreed to answer to) phonetically, and give  a brief description.  Click on the name to go each individual God’s page.

High Goddess Ghiana (guy-AH-nah) – speculatively, half of the First Division. She is the ‘over-arching’ Goddess.  We associate Her with the old primordial Goddesses such as Ki (Sumerian) and Gaia (Greek).

High GodIove (ee-ay-OH-veh) – speculatively, the other half of the First Division. He, like the High Goddess, is an archetypal overarching God.  We associate Him with the primordial Gods such as En (Sumerian) and Cronos (Greek).

North Goddess Arduina (ard-WEEN-a) – identified with pentacles and the Altar and the now-extinct cave bear, Ursus Spelaeus. She claims to be from Old Europe, from the Ardennes, whose center is “Duna” – the Danube River. She speaks using the pre-Roman names for various areas and countries, in a language She calls Vaska.

East GoddessErian (air-ee-AN), identified with the broom and the veil and the stars.  She is the initiator, the revealer of the Mysteries. Her knowledge is transformative.  She seems to have a special connection to the Faerie, the Hurralya (Beings of Air in the East) and we have identified Her as the mythical Queen of Elphame.

West God Kur (koor) – identified with swords, magick, and the Underworld.  He is the Lord of Shadows, the Horned Lord of Death, and the Hounds (the Keriosak, the Beings of Daring in the West) belong to Him.

South God – Tsaranos (tzah-RAH-nos) – identified with wands, snakes, the land and the sun. We have identified Him with Dying and Reborn Gods, the Lord of Life. He is the Consort, a fertility God, a God of creative fire.

West Goddess Ariadne (air-ee-ADD-nee) – associated with fierce emotions and justice. She is a straightforward, no-nonsense Goddess, with a stern, unyielding manner. She is the Muse, the Source of Divine Inspiration, and She is the One who mediates between Witches and the Keriosak, the Keeper of their compact.

South GoddessSalonshai (sah-lohn-shy) – the Priestess for the Aquarian Age, associated with fiery pillars and sacred prostitution. The Light-Bringer of the Southeast is Her Lord.  She is the fire lit from the bone, fire and blood. She is the Phoenix, the Eye, the peace of the Light-Bringer. Her manner is bright and forceful.

Northeast Goddess – She is the goddess of the Realms beyond death, and we have naught to do with Her. It is only through death, by passing through the Veil to the Otherworld, that we will meet and interact with Her.

East God – T’hot’ (teh-ho-teh) – associated with incense and knowledge, the psychopomp and the prophet.  Questions to Him must be distinct, or the answers will be too vague to understand, but He will often aid the questioner in narrowing the focus of his/her query so as to elicit a more helpful answer. He is far older than and became the Egyptian Thoth.

Northwest Goddess Hekate (heh-KAH-tay) –She deals with the mechanics of magick and spellwork. Hers is the physical craft of the Art Magickal.  She is far older than and became the Celtic/Greco Hecate.

Northeast GodNo name was given to us. We refer to Him as ‘The Black Man,’  the Messenger, the Ferryman.  He is the one who “opens the gate” to enable traveling to Venusburg, Benevento, or Blackula.  He has said He is called ONLY when one has seen the Path and needs the gateway opened.

Southeast Goddess Gwenhyvar (GWEN-heh-vahr) – She is the “White Raven,” the “White Hind,” the “White Swan,” the guide between Faerie and our world.  She is the gentle teacher of the True Quest.

Goddess of the Rim Melusine (mel-you-SEEN-ah) – The Task-Giver. She is straightforward and speaks often of the things we must do.

Southeast God – Atamenoch (ah-tah-meh-nahk) The Light-Bearer.  He is the God-form that has been vilified for centuries as the Christian Satan.  He has no eyes – they were burnt out, either by His bearing of the light of the gods, or in atonement for His ‘crime’ of bringing that light to humans.

North God Ianos (ee-yah-nos) – We associate Him with the old European God, Janicot/Janus. Like Janus, he has two faces, one looking to the East and one looking to the West, to the Past and the Future.

Southwest God – Dionysus (dee-oh-nee-sus) – He is the God of passion and ecstasy, of connections and sexuality and all forms of pleasure.

Southwest Goddess Morga (more-gah) – She is the leader of the Maenads who hunt their own God and tear him to pieces to drink his blood. She is sharp and fierce and revels in all that is ecstatic in nature.

Northwest GodGoh’len (goh-[glottal stop]-lehn) – The God in the Northwest is represented by a golem or humniculum, the idea of a form that has yet to have life breathed into it. He represents the inherent ‘aliveness’ that is in all things, even inanimate things, the ‘life’ that exists in the realm of the Dead.

Mama Erta – She is the Goddess of the earth, very old, from very deep underground. She is the bones of the earth, and ‘appears’ as almost a living boulder or ‘venus’ statue.

There is also some deity-form for the Center, but we learned very little about it, because it is insubstantial since the Age is so young. The Center forms as the Age does.