Master List

  • Questions And Our Answers So Far


      • What Is Our Theology?

        • We Are Divine
        • The Gods Are Real, and have limitations and personalities and agendas
        • Familiar Spirits inhabit their own multiverses as well as ours
        • Elemental Beings are constants between ALL multiverses
        • Incarnations We and Familiars can incarnate in all places and at all times simultaneously, but choose to perceive ourselves in a specific time and place
        • It is our task, among others, to turn the Age and create/decide on the path for each new Age
        • It is our task, among others to find and bring back what was lost regarding the Old Religion, in new forms
        • It is our task, among others to restore balance (taking a burden)
        • It is our task, among others  to seperate the chaff from the wheat (winnowing)
      • What Is Our Mythology?

        • The Wasteland (Arthurian, Fallout’s DC/Mojave)
        • The Phoenix (Transformation of South Goddess)
        • Transformation Of The Muse
        • The Inmost Divine Self
        • Origin Of Our Symbols/Totems
        • The Seeders/Intelligent Design
        • The Multiverse
        • The Web/Conduit
        • Witches, Werewolves & Vampires, Oh My! (Vampiric Myths/Benendante)
        • “Done Deals” (Oathes mean something)
        • The Importance of Oracles
        • The Starchild
      • What Is The Nature Of Our ‘Sacred Space/World’?

        • How Do We Create It In Physicality (I.E. Ritual Space)?
          • A Journey To Create/Discover And Open The Doors
          • Building A Foundation
      • Who Inhabits Our Sacred World?

        • The Mighty Dead
        • Totems
      • What Are Our Ritual Practices?

    • Contact With The Gods?

      • Invocations
      • Dreams/Visions
      • “Mastering” The Gods
    • Contact With Other Beings?

      • Invocations
      • Dreams/Visions
      • Opening Ourselves To Their Messages
      • Opening Doors In the Multiverse
    • We Are Divine

    • Gobah


On Familiars

Familiars in Craft History

Due to our continuing search for answers regarding the nature of our contacts, we have delved into the lore of the Familiar in the Craft. What we have found is surprising. Besides the well-known and popular image of an animal Familiar, there are also recorded accounts of Human (or at least Human-appearing) Familiars. Also, there are numerous indications that the Familiar and the Fae are connected, and may even be different ways of expressing the same phenomenon. Here are a few brief passages which our research has turned up so far. We hope you find them stimulating.

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