T’hot’ – God of the East

East God – T’hot’ (teh-ho-teh) – associated with incense and knowledge, the psychopomp and the prophet.  Questions to Him must be distinct, or the answers will be too vague to understand, but He will often aid the questioner in narrowing the focus of his/her query so as to elicit a more helpful answer. He is far older than and became the Egyptian Thoth.

Salonshai – Goddess of the South

South Goddess – Salonshai (sah-lohn-shy) – the Priestess for the Aquarian Age, associated with fiery pillars and sacred prostitution. The Light-Bringer of the Southeast is Her Lord.  She is the fire lit from the bone, fire and blood. She is the Phoenix, the Eye, the peace of the Light-Bringer. Her manner is bright and forceful.

Ariadne – Goddess of the West

West Goddess – Ariadne (air-ee-ADD-nee) – associated with fierce emotions and justice. She is a straightforward, no-nonsense Goddess, with a stern, unyielding manner. She is the Muse, the Source of Divine Inspiration, and She is the One who mediates between Witches and the Keriosak, the Keeper of their compact.

Erian – Goddess of the East

East Goddess – Erian (air-ee-AN), identified with the broom and the veil and the stars.  She is the initiator, the revealer of the Mysteries. Her knowledge is transformative.  She seems to have a special connection to the Faerie, the Hurralya (Beings of Air in the East) and we have identified Her as the mythical Queen of Elphame.

Arduina – Goddess of the North

North Goddess – Arduina (ard-WEEN-a) – identified with pentacles and the Altar and the now-extinct cave bear, Ursus Spelaeus. She claims to be from Old Europe, from the Ardennes, whose center is “Duna” – the Danube River. She speaks using the pre-Roman names for various areas and countries, in a language She calls Vaska.